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Bespoke Starter Kit:  From £200
  • The basics of the Bespoke Starter kit is listed below.  We can customise a starter kit for you with any additional or swap out components you wish.    We can also include dermal fillers from the beletero range of products which are an additional cost. 


    Basic included components (before you customise the kit):



    1 x wheeled case as per picture with double top combination lock and front pouch combination lock

    15 x dermal filler kits/Sterile field kit,

    15 x injection kit for botulinum toxin application,

    2 x 1 Litre UK compliant sharps container,

    5 mark up pencils for Aesthetics,

    100 individually wrapped headbands,

    150ml Clinicept Solution,

    50ml arnica gel.


    (see description for dermal filler/sterile field kits and injection kits in the online shop)


    For a quote please leave you telephone number and name in the chat box and someone will get back to you as soon as possilbe. 

    Bespoke Starter Kit: From £200