Cautery Pen, Fine Tip, 28mm High Temperature
  • 28mm High Temperature Cautery Pen.  Disposable sterile cautery pens are bipolar, battery operated devices mainly used for the cauterisation of small blood vessels. These are supplied with the internal long life batteries and ready for use. A sterile disposable cautery has to be disposed off after each use to avoid any risk of cross contamination. Disposable Cautery Pen - Fine Tip 28mm, (HTC) High Temperature can be used in various surgical procedures where a high temperature application is required. A Fine tip is pre-attached to suit the clinical requirement Specifications: Tip Shape - Fine Tip Tip Length - 28mm Working Temperature - 1200ºC (High Temperature)

    Cautery Pen, Fine Tip, 28mm High Temperature

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      All of our kits are single use and sterile.  We do not accept returns because we are unable to resell this type of kit once it has passed to another person or company as we are unable to control its condition, use, and sterile status, once it has passed to another person or company.   All of our kits are Quality Controlled, and Inspected prior to dispatch to ensure they are complete, compliant, and safe to use.


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