1 x box of Dermaplaning Blade x 10 and Handle x 10.

1 Box of 10 x Blade and Handle  (0501).  Each blade with the handle is individually wrapped in a sterile wrapping.  These are genuine Swann Morton blades with Swann Morton handles (Sterile Disposable Scalpel No.10 Blade with Polystyrene Handle x 10 code: 0501).  Ideal for Dermaplaning.  The blade handle combination ensure no transfer of blood from other patients.  These are single use and disposalbe.  Add a sterile field kit for easy safe sterile field creation with Dermaplaning

1 x box of Dermaplaning Blade x 10 and Handle x 10.

  • Swann Morton 0501 blade and handle

    We do not accept returns of sterile products.


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