PRP Centrifuge

Includes 4 x Atavarnis PRP Kits.  This is a PRP Compatible Centrifuge ideal for the production of platelet rich plasma for aesthetic cosmetic use. 


This Centrifuge is compataible the with Atavarnis® PRP kit.  


  • Speed 300-4500 rpm, 100rpm increments
  • Max RCF: 2490xg
  • Vacutainer and collection tube adapters and inserts included
  • Rotor Capacity*: 8x 15ml conical tubes, 12x 1.5-5ml vacutainers, 12x 4-7ml vacutainers, 12x 8.5-10ml vacutainers, 12x 2.7-3ml collection tubes or 7.5-8.2ml collection tubes
  • Timer: 30 secs to 99 minutes
  • Micro-computer control, that gives high accuracy speed control
  • Digital LCD display, can show the real-time parameters and have the symbol showing the experimental process
  • Set and display rotor speed shown in RPM and G-force
  • Brushless DC motor, it is no pollution and free maintenance
  • The short spin function is used for quick spins by pressing and holding the PULSE key
  • Built with electrical lock, automatic release the lid when rotor stops to save processing time and prevents samples overheating
  • Go into ta self-diagnostic check when switched on and then displays accumulative running time and last running parameters 

*Supplied complete with a 12 place rotor, 18 tube adapters and 18 adapter insert plugs. This gives the unit versatility to hold 7 different sizes of tube right out of the box.

The following configurations are possible:

  • 8x 15ml conical tubes with dimensions of ø17xL120mm - no adapter or insert required
  • 12x 1.5-5ml vacutainers with dimensions of ø13xL82mm - 1 adapter, 1 insert required per tube
  • 12x 4-7ml vacutainers with dimensions of ø13xL106mm - 1 adapter required per tube
  • 12x 4-7ml vacutainers with dimensions of ø16xL75mm - no adapter or insert required
  • 12x 8.5-10ml vacutainers with dimensions of ø15x107mm - no adapter or insert required
  • 12x 2.7-3ml collection tubes with dimensions of ø11x66mm - 1 adapter, 1 insert required per tube
  • 7.5-8.2ml collection tubes with dimensions of ø15x92mm - 1 adapter required per tube

PRP Centrifuge


    Single use sterile kits are an essential element of safe practice during the COVID crisis and beyond. 


    Keep your clients safe with these high quality low cost single use sterile kits. 


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