Comprehensive PRP Kit: Professional

Fully comprehensive PRP Kit.  This kit contains the equipment you need to carry out a PRP procedure on one patient.   Designed speifically for Aesthetics Cosmetic Practice.  


Kit Contains all of the components below: 


2 x 8ml PRP tubes with ACD-A and Separation gel,

6 x 1ml Syringe with graduations,

6 x 18g Blunt Fill Needles,

6 x 30g Hypodermic Needle,

10 x Gauze swab,

10 x 10cm 1 x 60ml Gallipot, 

1 x Tray

1 x pair Sterile glove medium

1 x Wrapping field 40x50cm

1 x butterfly blood collection needle and vaccutainer holder.

1 x Single use torniquet

*excludes centrifuge

Comprehensive PRP Kit: Professional

SKU: ATA08236978-VFPR
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    Improving Practice in Medical Aesthetics.


    All of our kits are single use and sterile.  We do not accept returns because we are unable to resell this type of kit once it has passed to another person or company as we are unable to control its condition, use, and sterile status, once it has passed to another person or company.   All of our kits are Quality Controlled, and Inspected prior to dispatch to ensure they are complete, compliant, and safe to use.

Single use sterile kits are an essential element of safe practice during the COVID crisis and beyond. 


Keep your clients safe with these high quality low cost single use sterile kits. 


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