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WOW Eyes by Hyalual

WOW Eyes by Hyalual


WOW Eyes:  Reusable gel patches for improving skin quality around eyes.  Patches designed to combat puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes. They will provide visible and tangible results after 5-20 minutes.  Suitable for repeated use (up to 7 times).

Indication:  Edema Bags and dark circles under the eyes Fine wrinkles around the eyes Deterioration of color and turgor of the skin Tired eyes syndrome

Results:  Awakens and rejuvenates tired skin in just 5-20 minutes Improves skin elasticity Noticeably reduces under eye bags with soothing, cooling effect Diminishes dark circles under the eyes The result is individual and depends on the physiological characteristics of the organism of a particular person.

Application:  Unlike conventional patches that only affect the skin under the eyes, WOW Eyes are designed for several areas at once: the area under the eyes and the softest zone of the active eyelid. As this product is made with natural components, we recommend storing patches in the refrigerator, and to use them within two weeks after opening the package. Storing patches is made easier with the special containers we supply.

Composition:  HYDROLYZED PROTEINS from rice bran, soy and oxidoreductase improve blood microcirculation, restore collagen-elastin matrix and eliminate excess fluid in tissues ALOE LEAF EXTRACT soothes and nourishes skin Transdermal cosmetic delivery provides rapid penetration of active ingredients into deep layers of the skin