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We support MHRA's awareness campaign of online fake products.

Single use sterile kits are an essential element of safe practice during the COVID crisis and beyond.

Keep your clients safe with these high quality low cost single use sterile kits. 

We support "Improving Standards in Aesthetic Medicine"
and are proud users Atavarnis® single use sterile kits
for aesthetic medical practice
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Training Organisation Sponsorship Opportunity

We currently sponsor some of the largest and most successful training companies in the UK

If you or your organisation trains aesthetic practitioners in medical aesthetics, please contact us for our unique sponsorship offers. 


These offers will help you reduce the cost of running your training days!


We will fund your training kit requirements on your training days.


We understand the need to keep organisation running costs to a minimum.  We also understand the need to use top quality products when training aesthetic professionals. 

We can provide clinic consumables to your training practice to support your training needs.

Typically we provide:

1. Sterile Single use PRP kits

2. Sterile Single use Botulinum toxin kits

3. Sterile Single use Dermal Filler kits

4. Sterile Single use Hyperhydrosis kits

5. Sterile Single use Dermal Roller kits 

6. Sterile Single use Dermal Roller kits for topical PRP application

We ask you include the following text on your website to continue receiving sponsorship form Atavarnis:



Please use the contact box below or email or call on 020 8133 9678